EU H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie

Research and Innovation Staff Exchange

Low Energy Dew Point Cooling for Computing Data Centres




This is a EU funded 4 year joint research project involving 8 EU beneficiaries  and 6 Chinese partners

Project length:

01/01/2017 -- 31/12/2020

Technology Highlights

The proposed dew point cooling system applied in Data centre comprising a few critical and highly innovative components is expected to achieve 60% to 90% of electrical energy saving. and have a comparable initial price to traditional CDC air conditioning systems.


It thus removes the outstanding problems remaining with existing CDC cooling systems

Coming Events
  • 27-28/11 Data Centre World, Paris
  • 17-21/12 Nano-Micro Conference 2018, Jeju Island, South Korea
Project progress

Complete secondments:

No. of Secondees: 20

No. of PersonMonth:27


Ongoing secondments:

No. of Secondees: 1

Upcoming secondments:

No. of Secondees: 2


Complete workshop / meeting /events:

Workshop: 2

Meeting: 3



Journal papers: 2

Conference papers: 5


No. of patents: 1

International and inter-sector staff exchange

The innovated technologies will be achieved by a truly international and inter-sector staff exchange programme, which convenes the complementary and indispensable knowledge / expertise of 14 partners from 7 countries, in the areas of research, manufacturing, design, management and policy making.

Source of middle pic:  Munther S, Robert T. Data Centers’ Energy Auditing and Benchmarking-Progress Update

Latest News:


EU China Symposium

Project Leader

University of Hull


School of Engineering and Computer Science 

Cottingham Road,
Hull, HU6 7RX, UK


Tel: +44 (0) 1482 466684



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